youngest mayor

(second round by irwansyah & sofian couples and couples udin & molen)) but also by couples who do not fit into the stock candidacy "couple dodot and Alm. abubakar "(couples who had to fight the law caused by the behavior and Alm.abubakar dodot said discrimination by the city Election Commission Pangkalpinang (legal battles are always won by the couple in question (through the legal process in DKPP (Honorary Board of Elections) and the Administrative Court ). pair today elected mayor (known as the urban one billion program) is mandated community partner Pangkalpinang (direct election of regional heads) to lead the city pangkalpinang over the next 5 years (2013-2018) of the party PDIP as the bearer party stages I and PKS party as the party of the coalition at the election stage II and became the holder "ESTAPET WOOD FROM PREVIOUS LEADER".

There are some heavy duty that must be resolved as well as a homework (homework) selected pair relevant to the needs of people who have not had a lot of unresolved by the previous leadership (updating data "PROGRAM Raskin (rice distribution program for the poor)" is not on target, service health, especially in hospitals, especially public service to Jampersal (delivery guarantee), JAMKESMAS (health insurance) and JAMKESDA (regional health insurance), congestion of the city (including the continuation of the program in one direction), water supply and flood control ((DAS trenching program and under-under (going on sediment deposition and created tremendous watershed siltation and turbid water sources) all the more post-mining "IT (Unconventional Mine happens to the upstream region (district middle and fart fart parent))" in addition to the task- Another task relic of the previous leadership development pangkalpinang eastern region, water front city programs. "heavy tasks that can not be run or not run at all or run without a good manejemen especially without dimenej at all or use the program" ORIGIN arbitrarily GUE "or to be" THE PUPPET DALANG "it can be ascertained Pangkalpinang will return back and the progress that has been achieved and built through the hard work of the previous leader for 10 years (Mr Zulkarnain Karim Bujang and Salon (first 5 years) and Mr Zulkarnain Karim and Malikul Amjad (5 second year) will fall back into the abyss of a setback and not something that is highly unlikely more backward than before he led "mr. dedy suhaimi (Chairman LSMFORMEI98) commented.

who are eligible to become a candidate for the provincial government civil servants bangkabelitung islands for fiscal year 2013 . announcement which was held on 14 September 2013 and ended on 28 september 2013 in the online form filling open from 00:00 to 16:00 hours and continued from 18:00 to 00:00 through site apparently did not can be accessed at precisely from 17:00 ( sunday, september 15th 2013) - 0:30 ( monday 16th september 2013). mozilla is one of the online tools that have access to a very large user communities, including indonesia and the number reached tens of millions more users of the online tools and the inaccessibility of the online device through the provincial government signaled babel has to lie to the intended users online device . of information obtained by the news search 4meinews that there are some applicants who may access through other online devices add an important reference to be addressed by the Indonesian government because such behavior suggests that the provincial government had discriminated babel at once to the device online users , especially the users of mozilla who wishes to engage in applying a job as a civil servant babel provincial government 's 2013 budget year . a similar case was commented upon by several community leaders , youth leaders and some "ngo" heads that was held by the explanation search 4meinews news .

any background and whoever the perpetrators events like this should be addressed by the law firm by the central government because such treatment is clearly violated the rights of citizens as clearly stated in the 1945 constitution ( amendment ) so that in the future similar incidents will never happen again .

continuation behind the power outage by pt.pln

(for 24 hours is estimated as much as 300 tons of diesel fuel (used every day by contract)). with frequent blackouts still done by the pt.pln has been (as is the case today Sunday, 08 September 2013 (about 1 hour outage)) raises a big question all parties, because the cuts do if only one hour (let alone more) means only 23 hours, then the use of diesel fuel will be reduced from 300 tons and that means the next day when the pt. pertamina to supply quota of 300 tonnes of oil that will happen is oversupplied and that it does not happen then the excess solar outage for an hour due to be drained. depletion that is the question all parties, whether the outage was done intentionally in order to take the rest of the remaining diesel was due to blackouts. "outage that occurred on the island of Bangka have occurred decades and automatically whenever outages do diesel as fuel electric lighting still remaining. imagine it done in one day power outage of an hour and then we multiply it by tens of years then how much remaining diesel fuel, "comments dedy suhaimi (chairman lsmformei98). and if the outage is done systematically with the black agenda in it and is done deliberately so that has definitely happened is "solar embezzlement had occurred in the pt. pln" comments continued from dedy suhaimi.

amounted to 52 billion spread over several regions II levels as much as 70 points heavily laden with" KKN (corruption, collusion and nepotism) "is also loaded to inflate the budget. things clearly said by mr. Abdullah (Chairman of Commission III DPRD Bangka Belitung (Babel)) "When specified with an estimated price of Rp70 million / point, means the total funds to be incurred amounted to Rp490 million, however, said he , limit the amount of funds in this case amounted to Rp 5, 2 billion, so the total losses incurred Rp 4, 710 billion ".

This case has not revealed to the news looks bright spot, while on the other hand state losses of Rp. 4.710 billion into the pockets of the robber money the country has disappeared and probably already sold.
the state apparatus who are paid to maintain the dignity and financial state (the state prosecutor and bangkabelitung state financial supervision agency (BPK) recriminations each other, toss each argument and reason, independent of the other responsibilities. "see this as a clear condition suggests to us that there is something odd going on in this case, because it is very unreasonable person who originally had been used as "suspects" (Mr. noer Nedi) then the "bimsalabim" turned into a witness, "as dedy suhaimi (chairman lsmformei98 (ngo)) comment.

PLN (state electricity company) by reason of the condition of the engine was old and not compatibles between the power available to power users. along with it freely parties bangkabelitung provincial parliaments ratify the provincial government's desire bangkabelitung a mega project that would cost hundreds of billions. approval of the project unique is actually waged many other program submissions, the majority of programs relevant to the needs of many (education, health and social programs). project to date (29 August 2013) has spent over 700 billion (work progress have not reached 30%) are the construction project "BRIDGE OPEN CLOSE 2" (the link between the two regions on the same land which are separated by the estuary ) by using a hydraulic system in which power is used is electrical power. "Imagine.

Bangkabelitung the new province by revenue is still very minimal. Operating the bridge much cost (maintenance, spare parts, operating costs, experts) in each year could reach tens of billions. Their money out of nowhere. Whether capable power supplies on the island of Bangka's quota of power needed to "raise and lower the bridge when the ship back and out of the harbor behind the bridge," comments chairman "forum bangkabelitung control performance of the provincial government" when met at his office . "This project clearly bangkabelitung will destroy the economy, especially the island of Bangka and more specifically the city is pangkalpinang (public service trade center island farts).

Why do I say so, because if the bridge due to the operation of such a factor that resulted in stagnant hydraulic malfunction and body can not bridge to be opened then there are ships that will dock and sail in and out of the port Pangkalbalam (port of loading and unloading of goods (exports and imports)) also stopped automatically join and it means the port will join Pangkalbalam die and turn to the next town will die pangkalpinang (Pangkalbalam pangkalpinang economic lifeblood and the central city of Bangka island economy) ". thus scathing comments from supri (chairman of the NGO CARE CITY PANGKALPINANG" ).

multiyear project that has cost hundreds of billions of this budget, with revenue condition and the condition of electric power is still rising and falling in a long period of time with not necessarily endorsed by the provincial assembly bangkabelitung is clearly alleged the existence of a sort of gratification in the eye The budget made by the provincial government. suspicions and allegations made COMBINED 12 NGOs BANGKABELITUNG on 21 april 2010 have sent a letter to the Commission for further action turns RI as "like the owl misses the moon".

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